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by Toria

This drawing was commissioned through MyArtBrief. Drawn from a photograph taken by client. I thought the reference image was really beautiful and wanted to make the drawing look very soft and delicate. To create this atmosphere I used a warm colour palette in the skin as well as only adding subtle details in certain places. I used a cool highlight on the black ribbon to create contrast against the warm colours in the hands and to make the black look not so harsh.

H 30.0 x W 21.0 x D 0.1 cm

  • Picture/Painting
  • Single Portrait
  • Realism
  • Coloured Pencil
  • Paper

£130 (Approximate Fee to 'Create Similar')

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Toria is a self-taught artist living in London. She has been professionly taking commissions for three years. Toria has always been creative even ... Read more

  • Picture/Painting
  • Digital Artwork