PREVIOUS COMMISSIONS - Landscapes and Portraits

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An idea of some previous commissions, portraits and Landscapes

Artwork Portrait of Client's child

Portrait of Client's child -graphite

Artwork Graphite Drawing of Client's House

Drawing of Client's House (and Dog), Graphite - East Sussex

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Artwork Portrait of Client's Wife

Oil Painting of Client's Wife

Artwork Villa, South of France

Cient's Villa in the South of France -Pen & ink / Watercolour

Artwork Richmond Park, Portarit of Mother and Father

Portrait of 'Nan and Grandad' watching the sunset in Richmond Park, London

Artwork Gorton Monastery, manchester

Wedding Venue commission - Pen & ink / Watercolour

Artwork Isobel

Portrait of Isobel picking flowers - graphite

Artwork Hester

Portrait of Hester - graphite

Artwork Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Portrait of Guru Gobind Singh Ji - Pen & Ink / Watercolour

Artwork Abstract Hand Portrait

Portrait of Client's hand with his wife's by the tree where they met

Artwork Palm House, Kew Gardens

Palm House, Kew Gardens - pen & Ink / Watercolour on tiny A5 card

Artwork Fowey at Night

Fowey, Cornwall - Abstract Oil Painting

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Artwork Family Hand Portrait

Family Hand Portrait of clients, pen and ink background

Artwork Strand on the Green, London

Strand On The Green, London - Graphite

Artwork Back Garden - Grove park, London

Graphite drawing of client's beloved back garden, Grove Park London

Artwork Kids Portrait - Oil / Graphite on canvas

An unusual choice of medium. Oil and Graphite on linen canvas box

Artwork Composite Work places commission

A composite of different places the client had worked - Pen & Ink / Watercolour

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Artwork Ballerina

Ballerina - Graphite

Artwork Family portrait

Family Portrait - Graphite